Taking the Humanities on the Road (THoR) is an Ideas-and-Actions-Lab at the Walter Benjamin Kolleg Bern to crowdsource ideas and actions that showcase the vitality and innovative potential of the humanities at the University of Bern, Switzerland, and beyond. The initiative aims at establishing a discussion of concrete ways to build bridges between academia and the public, individual research and participation, analytical and engaged scholarship.
THoR is a bottom up working group. We invite scholars (from all disciplines, at all levels), as well as artists, teachers, activists, bloggers, para-academics, and community organizers etc., who are passionate about engaged scholarship to participate. As an ideas-and-action lab it is part seminar (conceptualizing), part lab (doing), part marketplace (showcase & disseminating), and part life (rigorous intellectual engagement and fun!).

Check out our mission statement THoR’s Take

For now, we settled on three CoLABs (collaborative laboratories) that embody THoR as offered by the current projects of current participants (click for further information):

Ruramisai Charumbira
THoR founder

Michael Toggweiler
THoR co-founder & coordinator

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