As of now there are three working groups – CoLABs – within THoR as offered by the current projects of current participants with a fourth in development. CoLABs (as in collaborative labor and laboratory) are the mini labs within the larger lab that is THoR. While the three CoLABs for now remain a constant, the practice within each of them will (or may) change to accommodate the intellectual growth of its participants, new members, as well as the feedback that participants incorporate within their own work and CoLAB.

THoR, thus, is a living entity, at once steadfast as a platform for the transformative humanities, as well as an adaptive tool for bringing about change – new CoLABs will popup, others will disappear, others will merge.

HOT argues that the humanities have much to offer to society: our research stimulates reflection, builds bridges, and entertains. These qualities must become more visible. HOT is the platform for the development of innovative formats and programs to make humanities insights and practices accessible to a wider audience outside of academia.

Coordinator/Contact: Andreas Oefner

Current project:

Our CoLab gathers researchers working with creative practices (artistic, participatory, collaborative, experimental etc.) to generate and disseminate knowledge. Influenced by Arts-based or Collaborative Research, we reflect on how to carve the best methodology to investigate topics such as sensoriality, affect, intimacy, body and identity. We also discuss how to work horizontally with our co-researchers (“informants”) in a participatory way.

Coordinator/Contact: Claire Vionnet

Current projects:

This CoLAB argues that it is our responsibility as scholars to engage with pressing socio-cultural challenges as well as the vibrant revival of the humanities that is currently taking place “under the radar” at the margins of the established university system – in the Middle East and many other places (including Bern). This requires an “engaged connected practice.”

Coordinator/Contact: Anne Clément-Vollenbroich

Current projects:

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