Living within the interstices

Zainabu Jallo

“I am neither I nor the other one. I am something in between” — Mário de Sá-Carneiro.

The term Hypnopompia is derived from hypnopompic, an adjective used to describe the state of semi-consciousness preceding wakefulness. In this project, I use it to refer to the blurred portions of one’s socio­-cultural identity.

Hypnopompia is an ongoing collaboration and collection of palimpsestuous individualities defined by subtle or blatant influences of various forms of commingling (biological and cultural) on the indeterminacy of personhood. An anticipated outcome of this project reveals newer concepts of socio-cultural identities and the cultivation of newer ways in which social spaces function, not as metonymic or imagined societies but a reality of intermingling complexities.

Since “modern societies are differentiated within themselves to such a degree that uniformity is no longer constitutive to, or achievable for them” (Wolfgang Welsch 2011), this project goes further to focus on the individual through photographic portraits and temporal biographies. It underlines the possibilities of the emerging intersectional individuals recalibrating the foundations of already established perceptions.
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Zainabu Jallo
Project Leader

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