Engaged Connected Practice

This CoLAB argues that it is our responsibility as scholars to engage with pressing socio-cultural challenges as well as the vibrant revival of the humanities that is currently taking place “under the radar” at the margins of the established university system – in Egypt and many other places (including Bern).
This requires an “engaged connected practice.” With the term “engagement,” we want to underline the necessity to recognize and challenge the politics of knowledge production, including the specific role that we play in those politics. With the term “connectedness,” we invite for a conversation about and with a variety of (non-Western) humanistic traditions and to rethink the porous boundaries between the humanities, the arts, and the sciences. With the term “practice,” we want to emphasize the need to integrate this engagement and connectedness into our research and teaching practices, notably through participatory and decolonizing methods.

CoLAB Coordinator/Contact: Anne Clément-Vollenbroich

Current Projects:

Collaborative Learning in History & Anthropology
– between Cairo & Bern

Music, sound and conflict
Critical examination of the political dimension of music and sound in contemporary societies

Engaging with Sufi Heritage
Engaging with critical Sufi heritage identity expression in Sindh, Pakistan

Visualizing Environmental Crisis
Audio-Visual Exploration of Social Polarization through Water as more-than-human Agent in Jordan

Epistemic Injustice
Think about and sharing ideas on various issues raised by epistemic injustice and epistemic violence (f.e. genicide denialism)

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