Slot 1

Simon Sandro

Pedro Branco and Guilherme Moura Fagundes

Petra Tjitske Kalshoven and Wallace Heim

Roderick Steel

Pavel Borecký

Sensuality and Materiality in Watery Representation.

Imagination against Imaginary: Anthropological Cinema and theNew Iconography of Environmental Catastrophes.

Imagining nuclear end states: exhibiting care.

VIDEO-ISLAND: Intermedial performance and agency in Honey Island.

Navigating Flow Dependency: Wadi Rum Bedouins under WaterInfrastructure Lock-in.

Slot 2

Ojani Chakad

Larisa Kurtovic and Yanna Jovic

Mahroo Movahedi

Montse Pijoan

Zainabu Jallo

Sensuality and Materiality in Watery Representation.Conjuring water out of thin air: The atmospheres of fog capture and social theory

Saving Lake Nula: Postindustrial Natures and Environmentalist Imaginaries in Postwar Bosnia Herzegovina.

A sensory Ethnography of “The life-giving River” in Isfahan, Iran.

The Rhythm of the Sea is Restorative.

Transmission of Ecological Memory through Objects of Bahian Candomblé. 

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