Anne Clément-Vollenbroich

Anne Clément-Vollenbroich obtained her Ph.D. in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Toronto in 2012. After working for two years as an assistant professor at North Carolina State University, her passion for alternative education led her to join CILAS, where she served as teaching fellow in the humanities and research director between 2014 and 2016. Since 2016, she is an assistant professor of Middle Eastern studies at the University of Bern, where she can develop her collaborative research projects on the themes of “Taking the Humanities on the Road” (THoR), “emancipating education”, and “decolonizing the university”. She is interested in the multiple initiatives that emerged in Egypt in the wake of the January 25th Revolution in the field of higher education broadly defined, from educational programs informed by critical pedagogy, to reading circles at the margins of universities, to art projects aimed at exploring the concept of “anti-university”, to visions of scholarly cooperatives.

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