Djouroukoro Diallo

Born in Bamako (Mali), Djouroukoro Diallo graduated a MA and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics/ Linguistics of communication at the University of Bern. He is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for the Study of Language and Society (CSLS), and Lecturer for Applied Linguistics at the same university. His research focusses on Discourse Analysis, Text Analysis, Media Analysis, Political Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, German as Foreign Language (DaF), Contrastive Studies German/French/Bambara, and Language Communication and Sustainability. He works on concepts such as the representation of the image of the enemy, (social) constructivism and ethnicity in the Media Discourse as well as Communicative Sustainability. He is currently living with his family in Bern.

Center for the Study of Language and Society

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