Michael Toggweiler

Michael Toggweiler is the scientific coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Research Network and the Graduate School of the Humanities at the Walter Benjamin Kolleg (University of Bern). He holds an MA in Social Anthropology, Early Modern History and Philosophy (Bern) and a PhD in Social Anthropology (Bern/Berlin). He teaches at the Institute of Social Anthropology (Bern) and co-organised the Winter Schools Timing TransFormations (2013), Cultural Transfer- Culture as Transfer (2014), TransForming Capital (2015), and the Summer School Border Regimes (2016). His scholarly interests are mainly in the area of poststructuralism, cultural theory, history of knowledge, history of anthropology, identity/alterity, the monstrous and grotesque, as well as cultural transfer. His current project is an exhibition and edited book on ‘KulturTransfer’ (Cultural Transfer), together with the Austrian writer and comparatist Raoul Schrott. He is the co-founder and coordinator of THoR.

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