Zainabu Jallo

Zainabu Jallo has an MA in World Literature from Universität Bern (2017) with specific interests in literary criticism and the representation of mythology and spirituality in Native American literatures. Her MA thesis, “Mythopoeisis in the Reinvention of an Ethnic Self: Aesthetic Tensions in Borderlands/La Frontera and A Cannon Between my Knees.” accentuates the complex relationships between myth, culture and ideology in Native American Literature.
Jallo’s interdisciplinary Doctoral study detects the intersections of visual culture and spiritual performances of Candomblé. It emphasises on parallel, yet antipodal developments stemming from visual representations of the practice of Candomblé, while investigating the liminal spaces between esoteric and exoteric enactments of a once threatened homogenous people and cult.

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