Mahroo Movahedi

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Mahroo Movahedi is a visual artist and Researcher born in Isfahan, Iran (1985). She received her BA and MFA from Iran and she has received her Master in Transdisciplinary arts at (ZHDK)Art university of Zürich in Switzerland. Due to her move to Switzerland she has entered into the interdisciplinary arts areas that has opened a new chapter in her artworks. Mahroo Movahedi explores themes of culture, landscape, and language by questioning the notion of identity and sense of belonging. Her work is usually interdisciplinary and international, connecting anthropological and sensory ethnography as well as art practice. She uses painting, printmaking and photography as her medium for her artworks. With an outstanding eye for color and texture, she employs these two elements as the most notable factors in her artworks. Her ideas come from her imagination and intuition. She is always fascinated by blending the traditional and modern. Another part of her work focuses on collage techniques, which make it possible for her to go into mixed-media. The audio-visual elements of her work shift in the shapes of documentary-experimental style. Mahroo Movahedi engages with the representation(s) of self and other through the lens of her experience of living in and between different spaces, cultures and languages.
Mahroo Movahedi is the winner of Young Art Award 2016 at Ute Barth Gallery in Zurich and she participated and exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions during her profession in Iran and Switzerland. Currently, she is one of the Art project leaders in scieneXplore in Zurich and Portugal.  From February 2017 to December 2017, she completed her Master’s degree in Research on the Arts at the Department of Social Anthropology of the University of Bern.  
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